Newel Cap Installation

Many of my customers and installers have questions about how to install one of our newel caps. This particular newel cap design is quite old but I’ve discovered that, more often than not, installers have never had to handle the installation of one.

The newel cap is produced separately from the newel. As such, the installer is able to make the “pie” shaped cut on the cap. The installers I have spoken to typically make this cut on a bandsaw and “clean-up” the cut with a sharp chisel. The question, though, that many have is what is the proper angle of the cut to be made. Instead of measuring angles, it would be better to mark the cap as described below.

newel cap detail

newel cap detail

As you can see from the graphic below the width of the cut is the same width as the handrail. The depth, however, is half the width of the handrail measured from the perimeter of the cap. As such, the installer does not really need to consider the angle for the cap. He only needs to know these two measurements.


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