If you are looking for a unique Newel for your stair project, we think you have come to the right place. Newels, of course, are the main columns that support a stairway. The starter is the main Newel located at the base of the stairs. Intermediate newels are positioned at landings and where the stairway makes a turn. Finally, balcony newels connect the balcony rail system at the upper levels.
You may or may not know that stair newels come in a few different configurations. There are “post-to-post”, and “over-the-post” newels. Besides our offering of “post to post” newels, we have two different kind of “over-the-post” newels. See our Newel Caps page for a visual representation of the differences.
The first thing you will notice about our newels are the size. Most of our customers are looking for a large newel that cannot be purchased at your typical stair supplier. We have had many customers that were in the middle of having their stairway constructed realize that the smaller newel supplied by the stair company was just not what they they wanted.
But size is not everything. We believe we have some of the finest designs in the country. But if you don’t agree, we can always make a custom one┬áto your specifications in quite a variety of wood species. Send me a drawing or picture and we will work with you until you are satisfied.

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