Wood Balusters

Wood BalustersThe root form of the word Baluster is derived from the word for “pomegranate flower” – probably the resemblance to the bulbous form of the half open pomegranate flower.
A baluster is a molded shaft, square or of lathe-turned form, in stone or wood and sometimes in metal standing on a unifying footing and supporting the coping of a parapet or the handrail of a staircase. Multiplied in this way, they form a balustrade. Individually, a baluster shaft may describe the turned form taken by a brass or silver candlestick, an upright furniture support, or the stem of a brass chandelier, etc..(from Wikipedia)
The Wooden Balusters we offer are for interior and exterior applications. We recommend Sapele wood for our exterior balusters or balustrades. Sapele has good outdoor rot resistant characteristics and is less likely to bleed through the paint. We turn our interior paint grade balusters in soft maple or polar. Many other species are available for stain grade balusters.
We also sell a full line of stock interior stair balusters from Crown Heritage Stair Parts. They are available in 1 3/4″ and 1 1/4″. If you need stock items please click on either small stock baluster or 1 3/4″ stock baluster link here or below. If you need to have a custom interior stair or exterior porch baluster reproduced to match an existing baluster or if you need something unique please visit our custom baluster page.

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